All our fees include Meals, Snacks and Activities!

Monday to Friday

7:00 to 8:45

14:45 to 6pm £4.50 P/H

(£0.50 P/H discount for siblings when in the setting together)

We do not provide childcare on bank holidays however fees do apply.

we offer all year round care or term time only contracts*

*(small fee applies to reserve spaces through Summer holiday)


We have set holidays every year;

  • Christmas School holidays (2 weeks)
  • 1 week over the Easter Break
  • 1 week during the Summer Holidays

During these times no charge is given, any holidays that are taken by the child outside of theses times will have full contractual fees applied.

School holidays

Activities throughout the school holidays are planned in advance and are sent to parents so they can see what we are doing. the activities and locations all depend on the number off children in our care. unfortunately they are also weather dependent so things may change.