An Average Day at Fuzzy


7:00 We open our doors for the early arrivals

7:30 We begin breakfast with a choice of cereals or toast

        After eating the children have the opportunity to play or watch a small bit of television before school.

8:25 Time to start getting ready for school

8:35 Drop of at School/Nursery

14:45 Collect from Goring 1st Primary School

15:00 Collect from West Park Primary School

         The children then have a choice of activities to take park in. This           could be arts and crafts, jigsaws, PC work, etc.

15:30 Snack

         continue to take part in activities

16:20 Dinner time. The children that leave our care first eat first, we               aim to have all children fed by 5pm ready to go home

18:00 End of day, we close our doors for another day

Meal times


We have a selection of at least four cereals, or toast (with a choice of toppings)


snacks vary from selections of fruit/vegetables, accompanied with breads/crackers and dairy. occasionally we may treat with something sweet along side such as a biscuit, and if its really warm an ice lolly.


we have a four week rolling menu that changes every term to suit the season. A copy of this is provided through our online system. This way you can keep track of what your child is eating, and if its something that you know your child will not eat then you are free to send something in that we can warm through for them.